A special man

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Coach Meyer was an incredible man. He was always looking to help someone out as well as lift them up. As a young coach in the early 90’s I called to see about purchasing a coaching tape done by Coach. He answered the phone and tried convincing me to buy the whole VCR Tape set. I explained I couldn’t afford them and he said okay and I purchased my one video. A week later the whole set arrived. After that a month didn’t go by where he didn’t send me something motivational or inspirational for me or my team. He always stressed giving back and that is what he did for me and many others. I went to here Coach speak one to two times a year ( for over 20 years)because I could learn so much but more importantly I felt better as a person. He cared about basketball but he also cared about me becoming a better man, father, husband, teacher, etc.. Coach always wanted to make sure I was working as hard in my walk with God as I was becoming a better Coach. Thanks Coach and my you rest in Peace.

– Marty Alwardt

Don Meyer has set a wonderful example of service. Honor his legacy and join in following his example. Consider a gift to one of the organizations at the link below.

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