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Seldom in your life do you encounter a individual that makes an impact like Coach made on our family. What started out as a gesture caring for his lawn while he was laid up, to a small 4 year old son asking to go to his office to pray with him, turned into a six year friendship. Spectators watching him on the sidelines seen him as a gruff and ruff coach that appeared focused and tough on his players. Those of us that got to know him on a personal level (which at times during the season seemed an impossible barrier to break) seen him as a kind, caring, compassionate and lovable individual that would give the shirt off his back. We were fortunate and able to experience many things that will have lifelong impacts like this giant cuddling up with our son or daughter in his chair giving them head massages until they both fell asleep watching baseball, or watching him sit on the tailgate of my pickup in the driveway teaching our youngsters the proper technique of shooting and the correct stance for the triple threat, or experiencing him stopping by for every birthday or calling and singing to the kids if his travels took him out of town. We also got to experience this man larger than life coming to watch a 5 year old play little league basketball or our daughter playing basketball, when turnovers exceeded points. We also had the pleasure of Coach and Carmen just stopping by to say hello to see how we were doing or offer words of encouragement, but most importantly we got to experience the love he showed us in his final days, and the love to the Lord even when the pain was more than he cared to bare But through it all he never lost focus on the grand prize of eternal life and taught us life lessons right to the end that will stay with us a lifetime. We are forever blessed and thankful to have met such a great man and a great family. Praise be to God.

–¬†Greg Wieker

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