Coach and Dad

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As I am travelling from Savannah, GA to Aberdeen, SD this weekend to honor my friend and mentor, Don Meyer, I have many thoughts running through my head. I hope these stories help inspire you on your spiritual journey through this life. Thanks for reading.

The two men that had the greatest influence in my life are both in Heaven now. Neither guy met each other during this life, but I have to believe they have met in Heaven. I learned so many lessons from each. They were so similar in the way they lived and their approach to life. Over the next few paragraphs I’ll explain the lessons I learned from each and how they affected my life.

Both were strong disciplinarians and expected the absolute best from you every day because that is the way they lived. Coach and Dad were the hardest workers that I have ever been around. They both went in early and stayed late. Both gave of themselves for the better of the whole.

For Coach there was never an off season. Basketball was a year around sport. For dad work was a way of life and he even gave up some vacation to others to help them. Winning was a byproduct for both men. For Coach it was over 900 victories and being recognized as one of the elite coaches in the country. For dad it was about developing the best team and being recognized as one of the elite managers in the Federal Aviation Administration.

Both men did not chase money. It was not their main motivation. Both believed in the statement “if you work with the sole motivation of money you will never have enough; but if your motivation is doing the best of your ability, then money will chase you.” They both believed people don’t pay for average and they wanted to always deliver more than they promised.

Both men had a passion for excellence and believed that activity was not the same thing as achievement. They loved God and served Him until the end. Coach affected so many for Jesus Christ. Dad would pray with people taking chemo with him. He would pray and tell anyone that would listen about Jesus Christ. He would call me every night and pray with me.

Thousands have been affected by these two men of God. They both showed us not only how to live, but how to Finish Strong with faith, integrity, and love. I have been so blessed to be a part of both lives. I am saddened by the death of Coach Meyer, but I have great faith and hope that I will see him and my father again and they will be whole.

I pray that I will have the same will and fortitude to finish well. THANK YOU COACH AND DAD FOR SHOWING ME THE WAY. I LOVE YOU BOTH.

Coach O’Neal

– Todd O’Neal



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