Coaches Clinic and a young Jayhawks fan

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At one of Coach Meyer’s Coaches Clinics in Aberdeen, the guest coach was Kansas Jayhawk’s, Bill Self. My son had just finished attending Northern’s basketball camp and learned that Coach Self would be speaking the next day. My son is a huge Jayhawks fan so he and my husband returned the next day to listen. After the session, they were just standing to the side watching Coach Self give an interview to the newspaper. Coach Meyer approached them and asked if my son would like to get his autograph. They had never dreamed that would be a possibility so they were not prepared. Coach Meyer said wait here-I’ll go get you a marker from my office. Then he proceeded to escort them to Coach Self where he introduced them and my son got his shirt signed. My son still has that shirt and he still remembers that day vividly.

Coach Meyer was very busy that day. But he noticed a young boy standing in the shadows. And he took the time. That’s just one of the things that made Coach Meyer so special. He took the time.

–¬†Doreen Binger

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