Coach’s visit to Columbus

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I am so fortunate to have been able to meet, know and learn from Coach Don Meyer. One of the greatest highlights in my time as an A.D. was being able to bring him to Columbus and have him share with our coaching staff, community and kids. His work in all walks of life has and will impact so many and I hope to be able to be a servant leader as Coach aspired for us all to be.

My two favorite “Coach” stories from that trip –

1. After taking time to present to our local Sertoma group over the noon hour, Coach had some calls to make in the car on the way back to the hotel. While neither one was successful in reaching the intended target on the other end of the line, hearing him leave voicemails for both Pat Summitt and Herb Sendek was something truly special, especially as he panned to be “Bob from Bob’s Bean and Beet Farm” on Sendek’s voicemail.

2. Coach Meyer made it a point to bring my father Mark (who is legally blind) along for the trip to Columbus, giving him an additional chance to spend time with his son — something that we were gratefully appreciative of and did truly treasure. The trip to Columbus itself was not without some issue, however, as the group faced a blizzard while driving throughout much of South Dakota and Nebraska. At one point, when the situation seemed really desperate, Coach turned to his driver and quipped “Geesz, Don, it’s so bad out here, we just as well pull over and let Mark drive.”

Every time I had a chance to see or talk to Coach after that trip, he was always ready to share that story, and really enjoyed talking about that venture — his relationship with so many was truly and simply amazing.

–¬†John Krogstrand

Don Meyer has set a wonderful example of service. Honor his legacy and join in following his example. Consider a gift to one of the organizations at the link below.

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