Don Meyer

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My prayers and thoughts are with the Meyer family upon the passing of Coach Meyer. He was a wonderful man and a terrific basketball coach who truly loved the game. His willingness to give to others of his time and knowledge was exemplary. One of the kindest things to be said about any person is “he was unique.” Don was certainly that and much more. His focus and dedication to his craft was unsurpassed. He and a number of other great coaches who matriculated through U. of Northern Colorado taught the game as well as any coaches have. I used to marvel at his desire to get down to the essence of the topic at hand. He wanted to determine, in an unerring manner, the best and most simple way the game could be taught and coached. At the core he was a teacher with the mindset of a scientist. He NEVER stopped thinking about how to do it better. He was also funny and self effacing. I thought his humbleness and kindness were hallmarks of his life as much as were the achievements. I never got to spend enough face time with Don but the phone came in handy to develop a feeling for him. Upon reading about Don’s passing this morning my first emotion was a great sense of loss, knowing that a very special person would no longer be walking among us.

– Ron Adams

Don Meyer has set a wonderful example of service. Honor his legacy and join in following his example. Consider a gift to one of the organizations at the link below.

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