Eagles Don’t Fly With Their Legs

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I’ve hesitated to share my personal Coach Meyer story because I did not want those who did not know him to construe his initial remarks to me as inappropriate or politically incorrect, but here goes. As secretary for the student body at Lipscomb University (David Lipscomb College at the time), I would on occasion make some kind of announcement in our daily Chapel gatherings. I have a form of muscular dystrophy and stairs were a challenge, especially in the days before ADA regulations made for more accessibility. I depended heavily on handrails and would go one step at a time, but always kept going.

I had met Coach briefly on occasions, but never had the opportunity to really know him as many did. One particular chapel I was going up the steps behind the stage. Coach was doing the devo that morning and was waiting behind as I was going up. He asked very candidly as I was managing my choreographed routine to get up the steps, “Hey, I’ve never asked you before…why are you gimpy?” It never bothered me when people would ask. Really, I preferred it instead of them wondering. I spat out my mantra like I had done so many times, “It’s a form of muscular dystrophy. God just made my legs a little weaker than yours.” By then, I was up the last step, laughed while looking at his legs and finished saying, “Well, a lot weaker than yours.” He quickly responded, “Eagles don’t fly with their legs, remember that…I believe you will soar!” It was a moment he probably never thought of again and I will never forget. I was just one blip on his radar screen of constant encouragement and inspiration.

Take a few minutes to watch this video…he truly was a blessing to so many. Great game, Coach! You played life well!

– Ginger Johnson Broslat

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