Interviewing with Coach Meyer

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When my friend Paul told us about Coach Meyer’s story, we were so excited to interview him, but we were not sure if he would grant us an opportunity to do this. On getting to South Dakota, we could see Coach Meyer’s humbleness when some high school students were also present to interview him, too. As the kids were struggling to get their words out because they were nervous, he looked at me (as I was preparing to put a final push on my interview script) and said with a smile, “Hey Hope! They think this is a cake walk, huh.” I smiled back, but little did he know that I was also nervous and holding my interview papers tight not letting them fall down (smile).

I’ll never trade back the moments that I had with him. He was one of the wisest and funniest to be around and his knowledge of basketball was impeccable. Coach Meyer was so awesome and God used him to do great things!

– Hope Segun, One Hour With Hope Show

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