Personal Touch

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My first time meeting Coach Meyer was at the East Tennessee High School Coaching Clinic at Oak Ridge High School in 2006. I remember leaving with about 10 pages of notes on basketball and life lessons. After the clinic, I went up and introduced myself to Coach and was so impressed by how personal he was with me. I was surprised that he knew me from my playing days at Belmont. He asked what the best thing Coach Byrd did as a coach and the biggest weakness he had as a coach. And he asked about how my dad was doing. My dad had bought the majority of his basketball tapes and had spoken to him once or twice before. He was learning about me the entire time we spoke. And every time I met him after that, he would always talk about something personal about me and ask about my dad. I have made it a point in my life to really get to know people on a personal level as Coach Meyer did with me.

– Steve Drabyn

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