Servant Leader

I feel like everything Coach ever said was about others. It was never about him. That is how he taught and coached and led. I was around him a lot during my growing up years and he taught everywhere he went, even to me, just a little girl in braids hanging around the gym. I was an official McQuiddy Gym Rat and was at countless games at home and on the road. I remember his coaching scowl, his smile (off the sidelines), his laugh, his dry jokes (“Four Corners”), his emotion on the sidelines, his love for all of his players regardless of “status” on the team, and most of all his life lessons. If your job was to encourage from the bench, he praised you for it; it was just as important of a job as being on the court. He was hard and wanted your best from you because God gave His best for us. From making us do crazy things at basketball camp in order to show loyalty to our coach, to the blue Bison Basketball notebooks, to the stories and notes on yellow, blue and green card-stock that he handed out all the time, to Arete and Attitude being painted on the locker room walls, to his lessons about picking up trash and always taking notes, his words are ingrained in me even today. I will never be able to pass trash on the sidewalk and not pick it up. He made the world a better place and left it better than he found it. He allowed God to use him thoroughly, and there is no greater life and testament to God. He used his talents and the platform he was given ALL for God, not himself. We love and miss you, Coach.

Carmen and family, You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this journey has never been easy but the blessings you have found through it have been an inspiration to so many. May these stories be a living legacy to what a wonderful man he was and how he so thoroughly lived his life for God.

Thank you and we love you,

Nanci Carrigan Carter, AKA “Ropehead”


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  • mary Carrigan says:

    That’s my girl. And much of what she is today is from what he taught her, and she is teaching her children the same.

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