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Helping A Hitchhiker

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My high school team attended a camp put on by Coach Meyer and staff in the summer of 2000, at Northern State. A family member was going to stop over during one of the sessions and watch. On the way, my family member became lost while walking around the campus trying to find the building we were located in.

My family member later told me someone walked up to him and said “Sir, are you looking for a building?”, to which he explained he was looking for the building the campers were in. The person told him which building we were in and then gave him a ride to the building. I asked my family member to describe the person; after he described the person, I told him that was Coach Meyer.

The fact that Coach Meyer was willing to help a stranger by not only pointing him in the right direction but by also giving him a ride in his personal vehicle is really a strong testament to the great person Coach Meyer was both on and off the court!

-Michael Kurle

Good memories

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I was lucky enough to know Coach from 1988 when I started working his camps. I still do so many of his drills, in bounds plays, etc. I was also honored to have two of my high school players sign and graduate from Lipscomb. (I still love to brag that Rico and Thomas played for Coach Meyer.)

My favorite time at camp was 1994, when my nine-year-old son went to his first camp. I didn’t have much money so I asked Coach if we could stay in an empty dorm room together. No way. The next thing I know we are at his house for the week. His wife cooked for us, washed our sweaty clothes at night, and made my son a birthday cake on his ninth birthday.

Great memories. Thanks Coach and Mrs. Meyer.

Coach Bill Deegan 


Thanks For Paying Attention

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Coach Meyer was working a clinic, and during his talk a lot of coaches were very rude and no attention was given him. They did not realize what they were missing.

I had decided I was going to learn as much as possible, so I at a later date ordered his tapes.

When Coach finished and I was leaving, he called me over and thanked me for paying attention to him. This act left a lasting impression on me.

-Kirk Maharry

I miss Coach!

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This past season was the first season in over fifteen years that I have not had Coach Meyer to bounce ideas off and ask questions. ONeal CoachHe could say more in two lines of typing on a text than anyone I know. He would always help me and always had time for a question.

There were many times this past season that I wanted to talk to him and ask him about certain things, but I could not. We dedicated our season to Coach Meyer and played in his honor. I think above everything our team played sound, solid, and simple, and were a great testimony to what Coach Meyer has given this game.

I will continue to miss coach the rest of my life, and I one day hope that when my time is over here that I will sit with Jesus  in a beautiful ball park in Heaven and watch Coach Meyer go 9 innings on the mound. Maybe afterward Coach and I can sit and talk and I will tell him about our teams playing the “Meyer Way.”

– Todd O’Neal 

First a Camper, Now a Teacher

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I first met Coach Meyer as a shy, awkward nine-year-old girl at one of David Lipscomb University’s summer camps. I came to camp with very little self-confidence, low self-esteem, and often wondered if my presence in this world made any sort of difference. It did not take long for Coach Meyer to not only get my attention (he demanded it), but also made me recognize the value of myself on and off the court. A man I had only known for a week believed in ME! I continued to attend summer camp as long as I could and played basketball from junior high through high school. While I didn’t earn an athletic scholarship, I continued to participate in intramural sports as I worked toward my degree in special education. Twenty-three years later, I have a Masters of Arts in Education, summa cum laude, and currently a member of a leadership academy that prepares you for the role of an administrator. I am also presenting a power point tonight that coincides with our book study. The title of the chapter is How Do You Earn Trust? Can you guess who I quoted more than once throughout the slide show? My life is better having known Don Meyer.

God bless,

– Emily Parker

An inspiration to all

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I first learned about Coach Don Meyer when I saw his acceptance speech for the Jim Valvano ESPY award he received. I watched it and it brought both tears and laughter to me. I was riveted to him and his every word. I grew up in the Bronx, New York, and was an underachieving athlete as a kid. My son played a lot of basketball in his life, from the time he was 10, all the way through high school and college. I understand the importance of coaches, and the fact that basketball is not really about basketball. The lessons can be profound and life lasting. Leaders like Coach Meyer are rare; great teachers are rare. I am an artist and a Professor of Art in New York City. I played that acceptance speech to many of my classes over the years because I know it contains important lessons. Watching Coach Meyer never fails to inspire me and bring tears to my eyes. I emailed Coach Meyer a couple of times, thanking him and wishing him good health, and he responded extremely quickly with gratitude and humility. Coach Meyer, thank you for teaching us all, inspiring us all and, most importantly, leading us by your extraordinary example. Enjoy your time in heaven.

– Glenn Goldberg

As a Teacher

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I remember Coach Meyer more for a teacher than a coach because that’s where I got most interaction with him. I was taking a class on Theory of Coaching Basketball in the fall semester of 2004. This was before the accident and record-breaking wins. I still realized I was in the presence of a great man – an inspirational leader. One of his rules was to take notes. I took as many notes as possible, not because it was his rule but simply because I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible during his class. He didn’t teach much about basketball even though that was the theme of the class but taught more about how to be a good coach and servant leader.

One very distinct memory was in the middle of his lecture he took out a Bible and said that he wanted to share one of his favorite verses with us. He said, “I realize this is a public state university and not a small private Christian college, but if they fire me for sharing a Bible verse with students, then I’m in the wrong place anyway.” Of course, no one complained or objected to this reading and it became one of my favorite Bible verses. He was lecturing on worrying about things you cannot control and read Matthew 6:24-27: “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” He was telling us not to worry and to have faith in everything that was happening. I will forever remember him as a teacher and a man that did things his way, not because he was stubborn, but because he knew it was the right way.

– Derek

Man of God

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I will never forget the day Don Meyer walked into the nursery at Woodmont Hills church where several women were attending to a group of babies during church services. He came in and sat down in one of the rockers, without saying a word, just a nod to us ladies. We had babies in cribs, toddlers and crawlers. The babies almost immediately started toward Mr. Meyer. He was like a magnet to these babies. He picked up the ones that he could hold on his lap and the others clung to his legs. He caressed and patted each one of them and they played around his feet the remainder of the time.

This has been a long time ago, but I was so taken by this that I have never forgotten how I felt. I knew then that Mr. Meyer was a man of GOD. AND, so did these little babies who had no sin and had just come from GOD. THEY RECOGNIZED THE GOODNESS IN THIS MAN LIKE NO ONE ELSE COULD.

Carmen and family, my sincere condolences go out to you all. God be with you.

– Carolyn Morris, Woodmont Hills member

Inside Coach Meyer’s Huddle

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I entered Coach Don Meyer’s huddle for the first time in the fall of 1994. The Voice of the Bisons, Jonathan Seamon, gave me the opportunity to be the sideline reporter for the radio broadcasts of Lipscomb basketball games. My main responsibility was summarizing what I had heard in the Bison huddles during timeouts. To say that I was terrified as I peeked through the players on the outside of the huddle was an understatement. Coach was incredibly intense on the court.

In the five years that followed I took on an expanded role at Lipscomb with sports information, marketing, radio and promotions. At the time I didn’t realize that I was in the middle of the most important life training I would ever receive.

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Interviewing with Coach Meyer

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When my friend Paul told us about Coach Meyer’s story, we were so excited to interview him, but we were not sure if he would grant us an opportunity to do this. On getting to South Dakota, we could see Coach Meyer’s humbleness when some high school students were also present to interview him, too. As the kids were struggling to get their words out because they were nervous, he looked at me (as I was preparing to put a final push on my interview script) and said with a smile, “Hey Hope! They think this is a cake walk, huh.” I smiled back, but little did he know that I was also nervous and holding my interview papers tight not letting them fall down (smile).

I’ll never trade back the moments that I had with him. He was one of the wisest and funniest to be around and his knowledge of basketball was impeccable. Coach Meyer was so awesome and God used him to do great things!

– Hope Segun, One Hour With Hope Show

Inspired by Coach Meyer

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As we come to the end of the school year it is bittersweet for me personally. My coach, my mentor, one of my leaders, and my friend, Coach Don Meyer, passed a week ago. I have been going through some old notes and ideas and want to share them with you. I hope you enjoy these thoughts, conversations, and ideas that have been inspired by Coach Don Meyer.

– Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.

– Be the true man you seek.

– The real purpose of our existence is not to make a living, but to make a life – a worthy, well-rounded, useful, God glorifying life.

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An Unbelievable Trip

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Although I didn’t know Coach Meyer well, the few times I had the privilege to visit with him he left a very lasting impression. A couple years ago we were traveling with some friends to Knoxville to attend a Lady Vols game. We were at the Minneapolis airport waiting for our plane when Coach Meyer and his wife, Carmen, came to board the same plane. I went over to him and told him what we were doing and he said how would you like a locker room tour? Next thing I knew he was on the phone with Coach Dean Lockwood making plans for us to meet after the game. We received an unbelievable tour, got to meet some players and even got to see Coach Summitt’s office. Thanks to Coach Meyer, he made the trip one we will never forget.

– Lynn Anderson

A Telling Phone Call

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The first coaching videos I bought were Coach Meyers. One of the videos was broke so I called a number off the handouts that came with the videos. I did not expect my call to be answered by his Mom. In the background I could hear a lawnmower running as she hollered for him. He came to the phone and took care of my concern. I remember thinking here is a D1 coach who undoubtedly could have others taking care of my problem and the grass cutting, but is doing it himself.  Humility & hardwork…the first  lessons of a young and aspiring coach….thank you Coach Meyer…so grateful for his contributions. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Jerry Blazick

A Fax from Coach Meyer

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I had the honor of attending many of Coach Meyer’s clinics. This story is about a clinic at Taylor University.  Coach was going through the Zone Offense action, “Loop – Skip”.  We are all novice coaches compared to Coach Meyer, so I kind of got lost when he was explaining it.  He always was so willing to share and communicate with Coaches at all levels, so I emailed him.  I asked him to email, mail, or fax me “Loop-Skip”. 

A few minutes later a HAND WRITTEN fax came to me at school.  WOW !!!  Don Meyer just wrote out “Loop Skip” for me !!!!

Thanks Coach Meyer for all you have done for all of us.  Basketball just won’t be the same without you.  We will miss you.

Matt Weikert

He Was Known

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Carmen and Don were always very generous to invite my husband, Coop, and me to go with them on various trips when Don was speaking or otherwise engaged in various activities. Once we had tagged along to Cincinnati (I think because Don had gotten some passes to a Cincinnati Reds game from one of their coaches whom he had befriended).

We were leaving the stadium after the game and were just outside the team locker room with Carmen, Don, and his coaching friend, when we heard a crowd from behind a fenced-off area yelling “Hey, Coach, can we get your autograph?” We just sort of ignored the crowd and walked on. My thought was: “Aren’t we special to be walking with this baseball coach.” Then we heard call again: “Hey, Coach Meyer, can we get your autograph?” That was when I felt VERY special to be Don’s friend!

Frances Cooper

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